Sustainable ADM

The ADM site is located in the middle of a large industrial area in Westpoort, Amsterdam,  on the edge of the Noordzee Kanaal, a major shipping route for global import and export of industrial goods.

The terrain is surrounded by petrol storage tanks, major coal companies, cacao companies, global coffee distributors, global car trading and manufacturing companies and industrial waste disposal machines.

Since 1997 the ADM community has been socially and environmentally active, keeping a green space in the surrounding landscape (see Green ADM/Nature for more information about the ADM ecosystem).

We support many unique low-impact dwellings. We maintain over half an acre of land and have a working sustainable structure which co-exists with nature.

We have created a community perma-culture garden growing herbs, vegetables and fruit trees.

Perma-culture gardening is a method of developing a site until it meets all the needs of its inhabitants, through using mainly native plants and re-using materials available at close hand.

The terrain is also home to several species of nesting and migrating birds, owls, bats, many insects, amphibians and woodland animals.

ADM is consistently terraforming and believes that a cleaner, greener environment is essential.


Solar, wind and other alternative energy projects;

Independently many people on the ADM terrain harvest energy via solar and wind in order to knock down their mains electricity consumption.
The most recent solar project (in 2014) was to install 200 solar panels producing approximately 40Kw of power in top conditions.

More pictures about this solar panel project here


The way we live and work as a group of people is one of the very special things about this place. Inspirations come over dinner late-night conversations, friends exchange ideas, skills, tools. Constructions penciled on envelopes over coffee, become realised as substantial jobs of public art or inventions of practical design engineering. There are shared spaces with room enough for a resource of materials and large-scale sculptural constructions. People get together with a buzz of good-will to put their energy into cultural and practical things - brain-storming and building festivals for a wider public, putting on regular social events, bands, workshops, or maintaining and improving the infra-structure of ADM community: the mission to cover the roof with solar panels, to improve the roads and tracks, to lay down water pipes, make an internet network, grow a garden, collect scraps for the pigs, sow wildflower seeds… The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This is such a place of creativity and invention, and living here together, in our self-built spaces, along with the forest and reeds and wildlife this sustains, is our soul food. It nourishes and inspires us, and we give it back out to the world in many different ways. The outreach is wide. If all the creative transactions and transits were drawn on a map it would show a vast network. Our theater productions have been a.o. to China, Croatia, Serbia and Scotland, Germany France and even to Burning Man. Over the years, thousands of artists, musicians, and theater groups have visited here to play and produce to even more thousands of audiences. Creative communities around the world know of the ADM. It has a reputation for creative innovation and cultural free haven, and as being one of the last few such places.