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This special edition of the Danserette took place in the upstairs cantina


Press release ADM:
Subject: Mafia boss Bertus Lüske on trial for attempted men slaughter

On Friday, August 20, 1999, the criminal court case will be held against Bertus Lüske. He must face the following charges: 3 times attempted man slaughter, use of violence in public and breaching the privacy of people's homes.

At the end of April last year, a gang of about 15 muscle-men have tried with brute force to evict and demolish the squatted ADM terrain in the Western Harbor area. Early in the morning, the gang of muscle-men and a large excavator forcibly gained access to the terrain. The gang of muscle-men broke the windows of the ground floor apartment and removed the then present resident.

While the rest of the residents were still sleeping, the excavator, a huge shovel, began to bump into the facade of the building without warning. A number of residents woke up in death anxiety and it resulted in a life-threatening situation.

Two floors have been destroyed and a lot of material damage has been caused.

The owner of the property, real estate tycoon Bertus Lüske, was himself present, and conducted as an full-fledged conductor the illegal action. He hit one of the squatters on his jaw when he tried to prevent the demolition. A girl has been thrown aside by force and a number of others were threatened with violence.

Five days after the action, he has been detained and spend around 35 days in jail.

Lüske is in the possession of a demolition license, but an eviction sentence is not yet pronounced.

This was his third attempt to evacuate (illegally) the residents without a legal basis . The first attempt took place on January 21, 1998, Lüske had no demolition license at that time.

The second took place on March 3, 1998, just after a demolition license was issued.

Companies involved in the evacuation attempts are Steenkorrel B.V., Oudtzwanenburg B.V. And D. Kuiper Transport & Crane Rental.

All of them are compliced in breaching the privacy of people's homes and have completely ignored the implementing regulations that are part of the demolition permit that were drafted by the Municipal Housing Sevice.

The ADM terrain was purchased in May 1997 for the amount of 28 million guilders by Chidda Vastgoed BV and Amstelimmo BV, both of which are associated with H & R Holding, of which Lüske is the director.

In October 1998, a 'court-case in short' took place (Lüske against the ADM residents). He asked for a eviction sentence on the basis of a contract of sale with a broker, where he was friends with, Van der Vloodt. The sales amount was suddenly raised to 86 million guilders. Lüske lost the short trial, the purchase contract was not convincing and the selling price out of proportion.

Lüske is notorious because of extremely violent action against squatters and appears on 'the list of 16', (persons leading criminal organizations) put together by the Van Traa committee in the IRT Affaire.

The trial starts at 9.30h in the court house on the Parnassusweg in Amsterdam.

For more information, please contact Hay Schoolmeesters: tel. 06.50287986