Video's on Vimeo about the ADM (sorted by upload date and time)

ADM being discussed in City Council meeting - 'no issuing of tree-felling permit' (10-11-2016)

"The ADM Chronicles": Episode #3: Bep & GreenAssGarden

NBBK 2006 at ADM behendigheid(agility)

NBBK 2006 at ADM duwduw( push contest)

NBBK 2006 oval race at ADM

NBBK 2006 at ADM uurs race (endurance race)

VPRO "De Hokjesman" SUBTITLED (2013)

GreenAssGardenArbeit #6 (Sunday, April 16th. 2017)

ADM being discussed in City council committee Work & Economics (Wednesday, April 12th. 2017)

Asher & the ADM (documentary / film exercise by 3 students of Amsterdam' Filmacademy in February 2017) Additional editing by moi

What happened to the liberal Netherlands? - BBC Newsnight

VKTV - Lüske#4 - interview with Koop & Maik (28-09-1998)


Serbia 2017

ADM Haka

Desk of Ingenuity - Friction Project

Bagjuice - Safe & Sound

Leegstand als een Thuis

Erik de Vlieger - ADM, Squatters, Port Authority and The Municipality (2002 / 2003) SUBTITLED

"La Vie n'est pas un Chocolat" by Merlijn Twaalfhoven - report by PartyFlashTV SUBTITLED

Coffee & Cakes for Chidda (November 22nd. 2016 10AM)

AT5 - The streets of Amsterdam; ADM-terrain#2 (broadcasted on October 14th. 2016) SUBTITLED

AT5 - The streets of Amsterdam; ADM-terrain#1 (SUBTITLED)

ADM - the free-haven of Amsterdam (2016)

The ADM by Mr Norm (subtitled version)

ADM clearcutting being discussed in city council sub-committee (Wednesday, February 24th. 2016)

ADM being discussed in City Council Committee for Employment & Economics (October 26th. 2016) SUBTITLED

ADM in City Council meeting - no tree-felling permit - Ollongren: "also children.."

'Squatters free-space ADM', by Hans Polak (June 29th. 2005) SUBTITLED

PowNed did an item about the rejection of the tree-felling permit (November 15th. 2016) SUBTITLED

SiloTheater - '60 degrees' (Robodock 2002 @ADM) by CHRONICvideo

The ADM girlz - 'Down the port of the ADM' (June 15th. 2015) SUBTITLED

ADM's KinderDroomFestival - The Treasure Hunt (Saturday, July 17th. 2004)

The Puppeteer and The Inventor

Bucket Boyz - You are wanted (May 2016)

ADM 19th. BirthdayFestival PROMO

Creation of TheSwanConstellationHammock by Caroline Lindo (TextileHunters) - part#1: Making rope

Compilation of 4 LeptomaniaTeleVision reports about Robodock 2002 (ADM)

ROBODOCK 2003 (Rotterdam) - Official aftermovie & promo-clip by Chronic Video

ADM - the free haven of Amsterdam

AID DELIVERY MISSION_ clowning, toydealing, cooking for thousands _)

Aid Delivery Mission_ Refugee poem and idomeni camp

AID DELIVERY MISSION - Don't fence me in

Aid Delivery Mission - Chai tent at Idomeni refugee camp

Aid Delivery Mission __ SHERBA DISCO __


No Trumpetto & Nico - Vultures and the ADM (subtitled)

Bertus Lüske and his helpers trying to evict the ADM (raw footage / digitized VHS tape) Saturday April 25th. 1998

Relax & Specially Blended - "(I'll be) Rollin"

"Gedeelde Grond" (=> Common Ground) mini-docu about Milou & Wil, broadcasted by RVU on February 11th. 2002 (subtitled)

Natterjack toad on ADM terrain - interview with ecologist Norbert Daemen (July 9th. 2015) Subtitled

Aid Delivery Mission - IN ACTION (Tuesday, January 26th. 2015)

RTL4 news, Saturday, January 23rd. 2016: Refugees Greek-Macedonian border / AidDeliveryMission SUBTITLED

AidDeliveryMission & BelliesBeyondBorders leaving / Ushti Baba - 'Port of Amsterdam' (Friday, January 15th. 2016)

Robodock 2003 - Antagon - 'Time Out' (complete show)

Maison du Malheur - 'Streams of Resonation'

Robodock 2003 - compilation by Antagon

Aid Delivery Mission - benefit at the Spui (Saturday, January 9th. 2016)

Spread - Move Go Shift

The ADM Chronicles - Episode #7: Mathilde & De Dames

Casa Verde Colectivo - "Amor" - live on the ADM-stage (June 30th. 2015)

CASA VERDE COLECTIVO - Suena, Suena (Official Video-clip, recorded at ADM in 2015)

'Now-Here', a site-specific performance- and dance film [2013]

Almost 18 but not leaving home (Documentary about our 17th. Birthday Festival - by Dasa Raimanova)

ADM 18th. BirthdayFestival - Berlin Pyrophonic Ensemble

Preparations for ADM's 18th. BirthdayFestival #1: Mowing the field behind the garage

ADM being discussed in city council subcommittee Work & Economics (October 14th. 2015)

ADM's Performance Parade in Amsterdam, with Villa Friekens & BajesDorp - Filmed & edited by Mirek Vermeulen (August 30th. 2015)

"Koole Maritime BV - restoring the nature, as ordered by the RVO" Wednesday, September 23rd. 2015

[AT5] Presentation ADM DVD-box to alderwoman Kasja Ollongren (Friday, September 18th. 2015)

The ADM Chronicles - Episode #4: "Hans & Wieteke"

[GroovyMovie] - De stad is niet te koop / The City is not for sale (Saturday, September 26th. 2009)

AT5: "Endangered natterjack toad to the rescue of squatters" SUBS (Saturday, September 5th. 2015)

ADM's Performance Parade in Amsterdam, together with Villa Friekens and BajesDorp, speech by Aja Waalwijk (August 30th. 2015)

ADM's Performance Parade in Amsterdam, together with Villa Friekens and BajesDorp (August 30th. 2015)

The ADM Chronicles - Episode #6: "Anti Delusion Mechanism"


Koole Maritime BV demolishing the nature on the ADM terrain without permits - Compilation attempt #2 & #3

ADM benefit in Radion; Karaoke lounge by Suwanne's Clit-Club; Guest-host Athena and introducing JEM (Friday, August 21st. 2015)

Aerial practice (Tuesday, August 25th. 2015)

Jeremy & Tailor Birds - We are the real people (spoken word)

ADM info stand at LandJuweel 2015

The ADM Chronicles - Episode #5: "Step In The Office"

Robodock 2001 - rickshaw ride (by GroovyMovie Picture house)

Frans Doedel & De Beatzers - Mr. Policeman (Friday, July 31st. 2015)

"The ADM Chronicles" Episode #2: Mirjam & Bubble

SiloTheater - 60 degrees (2005)

Aixia de Villanova - Poetry sessions in Suwanne's Clit-Club @ADM (July 21st. 2015)


Snowapple - Old lady - "Live" in Suwanne's Clit-Club (Tuesday, July 21st. 2015)

ADM @Milkshake - the secret Klauterwerck area (Sunday, July 19th. 2015)

[Documentary] ADM's 17th. BIrthday festival TRAILER - speech by Koen / re-christening of Papillon (2014)

Keko Yoma & Yke, unplugged at the ADM

ADM RuimteFest (2011)

Papillon - turning upside down, with a surprise... (2014)

Robodock 2012 Official

Robodock ADM (2004)

Freedom pends on the ADM - Mike Monaghan

ADM TV reports: Koole Maritime: The 1st pole goes into the ground for the toad-fence (Thursday, July 2nd. 2015 around 7.15)

MS Splendida and the ADM, from the sky (July 2nd. 2015 around 07.30)

MS Splendida (July 2nd. 2015 07.30)

Chotokoeu loves ADM (2015)

DIRK visits the party (Tuesday, June 30th. 2015)

Judge at ADM (June 29th. 2015)

FreeHaven murmuration by Tara Downs

Thanx ADM! - Film-shoot "De Zee die Denkt" (2002)

Ferry Sint in Fred's workshop enjoying Dirk @ADM Open Day (June 19th. 2015)

Luske attack (April 25th. 1998) MYedit

NBBK 2006 Endurance race

"The ADM Chronicles" Episode #1: Bassie & Artimobiel

"Aan de ADMse haven" by the ADM' Girlz @ADM OpenDay 2015

"Suwanne" MYedit & SUBS

The Sex Organs - "Outer Space" (2014)

Maik - Freedom Fighter (Broadcasted on: May 3rd. 2010) SUBS

AT5 - Drydock festival - "Summer of '98" SUBS

ADM: Joost Conijn - VliegTuig MYedit

"Amsterdam song" by Frans & Durk SUBTITLED

"Erik's imperium" by Hans Polak (VARA TV) Broadcasted: Feb. 2nd. 2003)

VKTV - Drydock #3 - Lizet investigates (broadcast date: 14-08-1998)

Deelraad Noord -> Noorder IJ plas & ADM (20-06-2013) EDIT

"Krakervrijplaats ADM" by Hans Polak VARA TV (broadcasted on: 29-06-2005)

The Bucket Boyz

ADM's presentation at the City Council Committee for Arts and Culture (May 21st. 2015) SUBTITLED

ADM being briefly discussed in City Council Committee for Work and Economics (May 20th. 2015) SUBTITLED

AT5 - ADM promo (English subtitles)

IZABELLA Finch - Two Stars (2015)

Artimobiel - April 1st. 2014

VKTV - Drydock #4 - video-promo for Drydock benefit party in Entrepotdok (14-08-1998)

VKTV - Radar @ADM (15-06-1998)

VKTV - Drydock #1 -> video-promo & festival impression (31-08-1998)

VKTV - Drydock #2 -> Mister Red and Mister Green (31-08-1998)

VKTV - Lüske#3 - interview with SPOK (11-05-1998)

Practice Space: Zibabu

VKTV - sloopactie Lüske -> 1st. report (27-04-1998)

VKTV - sloopactie Lüske -> interview Hay (04-05-1998)

Krakers - a Chair, a Table and a Bed - ADM parts only

Luske & Hooijmaijers on the ADM terrain in 2003

De Lente Is Gratis - ADM parts only (1999)

adm - burn babylon - beatzers

XXL Tesla coil for ADM's 17th. Birthday REMIX

Papillon - animation

ADM Ruimte Festival (Promo)

VPRO's DNW -Fight the Future -krakersfestival op ADM (1998)

bucket boyz

ADM 2 juni

Zibabu-Positive Propaganda FCS

ADM Ruimte Festival

Robodock 2012


Robodock 2012

Parade der Doelende Geesten

Suwanne's Clit-Club at ADM RuimteFest - build up

promo ADM WinterGames #5 (04-02-2012)

promo ADM TIJD festival 21-22 September