Waste-less Culture & ADM present: Dinner, Discussion and Film-screening @PlantageDok


Our Wasteless Culture Mondays offer a​ welcoming community ​to dine with and of course, plant-based meals made from rescued foods. With us you always pay-as-you-feel! The new twist is that every​ ​Monday dinner features a​ ​co-created performance, workshop, discussion or screening​.​ We offer a platform for filmmakers, organisations, musicians, performers and other creative minds to share their ideas. Come see for yourself and bring your friends along! 

This Monday we will be introducing a screening of the new ADM documentary An Autonomous Life and debate on the going development of the future of free spaces in Amsterdam in collaboration with ADM. We will be discussing the closure of ADM and the upcoming strike that fights against it on the 15th of December.

Why is it important:

In recent years, ADM has been under threat of eviction. Now the council of state has ordered everyone to leave before the end of 2018. This has started a fierce debate on space and ownership, which has come to represent a larger processes happening in Amsterdam in which public property is sold to private investors and cultural free spaces are being closed down.

Join the demonstration Pak de stad terug on 15th December 15:00, we will be there!
Note: We strive to serve all our food at the end of the evening to live up with our "wasteless" concept. The most effective way to do so is to provide a first-come-first-served service. Therefore, it is not necessary to reserve a table, however it is best to come between 18:30 and 19:00 to secure your spot and let the rest of the evening run smoothly. Our program will start at 20:00 every week.

Monday, December 10, 2018 - 18:30