GreenAssGarden Harvest party


Today we celebrate the Green Ass Garden for her yummy and healing beauty. We can still harvest what is sown this year and enjoy what has been planted and grown, (despite the summer drought) with all of your help!

We invite you to come over and participate/enjoy

!4.00h - Harvesting veggies together with our Kids and cook primeval soup on a wood fire

15.00h - Herbal Medicine skill sharing:
"Back to the Roots" * we use medicinal roots, harvest them from the garden, to make comfrey and echinacea ointment, valerian and dandelion tincture and horse radish resistance vinegar!

19.00h - Sharing Green Ass Garden harvest in a dinner all from ADM garden

20.00h - 22.00h Harvest party (with special performance of Pernilla Kannapinn. More details below),

22.00h - The best music to abunDANCE :
-Dubious Folks (our Amsterdam based members of the Caspian Hat Dance!)
-The Bucket Boyz The greatest knee slapin, crazy anarcho blue-trash trio from the amsterdam bayou!!!!


There will be a little info/market stall on essential oils by Maxi

There will be also some manuals for sale from the Children in Permaculture project too (with information on how to share permaculture with children)

& we plant some hyacinth bulbs of Resistance!

All ages welcome! Everything on donation!


More details on the harvest party with Pernilla Kannapinn:

She brings us a special violin storytelling performance in an intimate setting. She is on tour with a mission; it is called Regenwurm Retter ... so Don't miss!

Pernilla is a musician and a traveler. She is a dreamer, a soul sister, a human. She is an artist and a composer, a learner and a teacher, a finder yet a seeker, a singer and a violinist.
She is a story teller. About the endless wonders of what we call our world and beyond it. It is a story about a never ending journey - from the dimly lit coffee houses of Istanbul to the stormy shores of Inski Pinski.
An evening filled with enchanting music for enchanted humans, filled with wondrous creatures, haunting melodies and the never ending thirst for the horizon.
Her stories are accompanied by her weeping violin and an ancient, almost forgotten art of whistling. It is a tale in spoken and unspoken languages - the words are crumbling out of her old battered suitcase and newborn and ancient melodies are dripping from the velvet tone of her 350-year-old violin.
It is a story about a Greek little dog and a girl, with the head full of dreams and a painted violin case filled with desert sand. It talks about a little house on four wheels, with a tiny wooden stove and a road that unfolds in all four winds. A tiny home that is only really home where the sun, in her red silky dress,
gently lies down on the dusty street.

Sunday, November 18, 2018 - 14:00 to 23:00