Green Ass DIY Herbal Toilettree Lab (in ADM-bar)
Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 14:00


Erica (from our GreenAssGarden project) is organizing yet another workshop afternoon


Description by Erica:

With help of the winter herbs, trees and wild plants from the ADM permaculture Green Ass Garden, we'll make some handy DIY products that some of u asked for...

Come over to make: a tattoo soothing creme, winter body-scrub, dandruff lotion, the great ADM soap, natural toilet cleaner and when it fits in time : some rich vegan ointments /tinctures (calendula, st johns wort, valerian root)...
Let's see how much of this wish list we can produce together!


It is possible to step in later if needed, share ur own knowledge with us and bring in new requests for a next # .

After witching, welcome to stay over for lovely vegan food and some nice music/act!

Bring very small empty bottles & little containers if u have + your beard; we can make easy & great beard oil too !

To make this possible i ask for donations for material costs (such as special oils, (vegan and bees) waxes, strong alcohol and pots and bottles if u need them...


14:00 -19:00 Green Ass Garden Herbal Toilettree Lab

19:00 vegan dinner

20.00 poetry by Heli (formerly Lennie st. Luce aka​ Maxi Mc. Naughty)

21:00 live music / jam-session (bring your instrument!)

(Wrap around GreenAss baby powder. Also the explanation to why this workshop is called 'toilettree' instead of 'toiletry')