ADM's XX Birthday Festival


Come and celebrate with us our birthday full of cabaret, awesome music, performances, good food, great actions and misbehaving!!!


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ADM celebrates her porcelain jubilee!
Take a gentri-vacation on the ADM reservation
The squatted cultural freespace ADM exists 20 years in October. And that will be celebrated at the 12th, 13th and 14th of October 2017.
Three days full of spectacle you do not want to miss. Artists, performers and visitors from all over the world will come to ADM that weekend to celebrate that there are places where unnecessary regulations do not exist, where the hands of the clock are not breathing in your neck and where non- conformers still walk freely.

For three years, ADM's continued existence is under pressure, there are countless lawsuits and a lot of media attention. In early August, the court decided that the municipality of Amsterdam has to enforce the areal planning, with means that ADM should be evicted. If this is actually going to happen is the big question. The municipality must still determine whether the so-called owner is allowed to execute the building plans. All in all, this does not change the ideals, life-lust and cultural expression of the ADMrs, or the celebration of ADM's birthday festival!

The porcelain jubilee is celebrated with: three music stages, were among others will perform: Latwal (dub- electropunk, FR), Spanner (Skapunk, GB), Amsterdam, Faya Allstars (Skareggae, AMS), ZZz (Organelectro, AMS), the Giletjes (rock'n girlz, AMS), Trikosis (anarchofolk, NL), Stokers (acoustic balkan, NL), Zibabu (spacepunk, ADM), the Beatzers (pirate people, ADM) An experimental circus- and theater program: Twisted Fairground (GB), les Humains Gauches (FR), ZaZi (NL), Feminist Mouse Circus (GB) among others.

Fire Spectacle: Compagnie Doedel (BE)
Children's paradise: OCCII kinderpret.
Symposium of free cultural spaces about de- gentrification with international speakers.

And: Suwanne's Clit-Club, RoboGallery, reggae-dub- hiphop field, skating ramp and much more.

Take a day off from gentrification and visit the lungs of westpoort, the cultural tickler of Amsterdam; an adventure for everyone from the age of 0! Let yourself be surprised and cherish the madness.

Up to the silver jubilee!

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Opening hours:

Thursday 12 October 20.00 - 01.00
Friday 13 October 17.00 - 04.00
Saturday 14 October 13.00 - 05.00

Please note: no cash machine, cash only.

Shuttle bus will be available during opening hours of the festival from Piarcoplein (Station Sloterdijk)

No camping and no dogs!

The ADM festival is an no-subsidized and non-profit festival. Everyone, including artists, work on a voluntary basis. Any profits are used in the battle for the continued existence of ADM.



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Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 17:00 to Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 02:00