ADM benefit party (Liverpool, UK)


ADM has been one of the biggest free spaces in Western Europe for over 20 years. The squatted terrain and it's community played host to 120 residents from all ages, nationalities and walks of life, it was the site of many cultural festivals, supported hundreds of touring bands, hosted numerous activist groups, and has been a shining international example of community and anarchist organising throughout the years.

On the morning of 7th January they were mercilessly evicted without warning by Amsterdam city council despite 2 interim measures sent by the UN to the Dutch Government, demanding that they asserted the residents' human rights and let them stay until the council found them a new habitable site. With no warning and heavy policing, most residents had to leave their homes, trailers, workshops and possessions behind.
As soon as all residents where removed, the owners moved in with diggers, cranes and grapples trucks and began destroying everything on the terrain. They crushed people's homes leaving there possessions buried in the ruins, they destroyed workshops that had life long projects and really expensive equipment and they started cutting down the woodland that had grown throughout the life of ADM, destroying a beautifully rich biodiverse habit.

ADM had been fighting the eviction process in court for years, racking up debts of over €50,000 in legal fees despite constant fundraising. They now have the added cost of the latest court battles and infrastructure that needs to be recovered. Plus the council has started procedures to recover the policing costs of the eviction which could result in huge fines.

We decided this was good reason to have a banging party to raise some funds for good folks of ADM! Come down, chuck some money in the pot and have a dance in the name of solidarity.

Friday, March 8, 2019 - 18:30