ADM Benefit @OCCII / MKZ / Binnenpret (Amsterdam)
Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 15:00 to Sunday, June 25, 2017 - 01:00


Benefit to help ADM continue,

Kicking ass in the court room!

Damage: €8,-



from 17h in Courtyard

*Chill out, Soundscapes and ADM art exhibition

18-19h A special dance performance *Sunday on a Saturday" - acoustic music and dance - with K. Duck & Friends


18-21h in MKZ:

*Great vegan food

from 21h in OCCII:

Bands, DJ's, Electronic acts, Cocktail bar, "Live" scratching sessions...

Info stand with "live' screen printing, unique ADM art pieces up for auction, ADM booklets and various other merchandise goodies for sale...

(one in a series of 5 unique ADM oil prints up for auction, by A la Patricia)

Line up:

*Dynamo Irie
Psychedelic Locomotive Reggae / Sonic Selassie / Pink Doors Pissy Wall Groove Impro


Refreshing Reggae & Live Dub


ZIBABU (space punk skizo ska, ADM)
This triangle of energie consistius three intergalactic cleaning ladies. They have been traveling the universe trying to escape the ever consuming grey mass 'shvna'. Now seeking refuge on the ADM.



Klezmer-punk, Unstoppable energy transformation



*Force 10


& Bolistic Banana, Bronx, Chunky and Cacapoo!


and remember folks:

The ADM is not only under threat of eviction,

It's our culture that's under threat of extinction!


Thank you OCCII / Binnenpret / MKZ for providing a platform for us tonight!


video-promo for this event: