[Lüske / Chidda] <PAROOL> "Lüske proces; een tussenuitspraak" ||| "Lüske' trial, an intermediate verdict"


Sunday, September 5, 1999 - 22:00

The Lüske' trial, an intermediate verdict

On Friday, September 3rd., the District Court of Amsterdam sentenced in the case of the infamous speculator Lüske. Lüske is on trial because he attempted to demolish the ADM, a building in the western port area in April 1998, where dozens of people live and work. He did that while he knew that at that time people were asleep inside. In an earlier session the prosecution demanded a sentence of two years and six months, of which six months were suspended.

The Court declared in its judgment the verdict null and void, so that a new hearing date was agreed on October 13th.. The court reached this verdict because the change in the summons hadn't been delivered through a bailiff, and because the lawyer of the defendant (Mr. Spong) should have been given the opportunity to consult with his client. So, a procedural error. This is strange because during the first trial mr. Spong, the lawyer of Lüske had asked three times to adjourn the matter on the basis of this same argument. Three times the three judges withdrew and three times they stated that the change in the summons was no reason to postpone. On the other hand, the judges might fear that Spong / Lüske appeal case would be stronger if they could accuse the judges of procedural errors. Spong will certainly appeal if Lüske is sentenced to imprisonment. The Public Prosecutor (Mrs. Zijlstra) sticks to her demand, 2 years in jail and six months probation.

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