ADM (Amsterdam Drydock Company)

The Amsterdam Drydock Company was founded in 1877 in the north-east part of the Amsterdam harbor at the Nieuwendammerdam

In 1965 the new west-harbor division was established, because ADM's location in the north-east had no more room for expansion.

You can see some pictures of the creation of the new ADM division in the west-harbor here

In 1979 the ADM went (almost) bankrupt and had to merge with the NDSM into the NSM/ADM. 

ADM's west-harbor division was closed down. It's drydock was towed to the (main) Nieuwendammerham location

ADM-west-harbor's drydock being towed to the new NSM/ADM base "Het Stenen Dok" (Tuindorp - Oostzaan)

On February 19th,1985 the ADM/NSM was declared bankrupt and the inventory was auctioned off

The wharf at the Nieuwendammerdam is for the most part converted into a residential area. The "Stenen Dok"-location is still in use and is now known as "Shipdock"


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