2017-07-07----- EVENT: Initial meet-up of Dutch Cultural Free Spaces

On 07-07-2017 the first gathering of the Amsterdam, Belgium & Dutch Cultural Free Spaces took place at the ADM. Some 40 representatives and/or supporters of free spaces attended. A very inspiring and energetic meeting in which a new alignment is set and the first public action in favor of de-gentrification is spontaneously planned. Together we're organizing the 7th. Transnational Symposium of Free Cultural Spaces, which will take place during the 20th. anniversary of the ADM in October. The symposium is a 3-day event with lectures, presentations, discussions, workshops and an action day in the inner city (both nationally and internationally)! The main theme is: DeGentrification: "Countercultural Contestations of Space in the City" - upgrading a city by attracting and maintaining free spaces.


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