2017-07-03----- PUBLICATION: "Kleur Buiten de Lijntjes", anthropological thesis on 'resistance at ADM'

On Monday, July 3rd. 2017, Vera Caris and Lisa de Vries, bachelor students at Utrecht University, presented their anthropological thesis 'Kleur Buiten de Lijntjes' [=> Colour outside the lines (of the colouring book)] to us.

(Lisa & Vera and their thesis)


Below is the introduction to this wonderful piece of work by Lisa & Vera themselves:

Kleur Buiten de Lijntjes: An anthropological research on resistance and its different embodiments at cultural free-haven ADM.
What is resistance? What do we experience as actually being resistance? Is it in fact an everyday activity? How are ideology, media, rituals and use of space dimensions in which said resistance takes place? These are important questions we try to answer in the context of ADM: how freedom is created, and how they resist against the power that Chidda BV and the municipality want to exert.
Kleur Buiten de Lijntjes is an anthropological thesis written by Lisa de Vries and Vera Caris. For both this was a graduation project for their bachelor in Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. They spent about three months doing fieldwork on ADM: participating in activities, talking and interviewing inhabitants. Without ADM’s enthusiasm and hospitality, this research would not have been possible.


You can read / download the thesis (in Dutch) here:

PDF icon Eindscriptie Kleur buiten de lijntjes- Lisa de Vries en Vera Caris ADM.pdf


(front cover of thesis)


Vera & Lisa's thesis received an 8 (on a scale of 1-10, in which 10 is the highest mark)



More research / publications about the ADM:

- "Self-organization - The ADM versus Golf-residence Dronten" (2008),  by researchers of Wageningen University

- "Underground erfgoed - Underground placemaking als immaterieel erfgoed (2016), by Vera Esther Bals (Reinwardt Academy / University of Amsterdam)