2017-06-04--05 PROMOTION: ADM info-stand @ Vurige Tongen festival (Ruigoord)

(official festival poster)


We were invited by Ruigoord to do an ADM promotion / benefit stand at their Vurige Tongen (poetry) festival. So we took the Lotus sculpture and mounted 3 TV monitors in it and also put a little sound-system inside. On the monitors we played short documentaries about the ADM.

We also build a little stand from pallets from which we served soup and elder flower lemonade for donations. During the festival we made ADM buttons. We also had ADM photo's printed with a nice explanation on the backside what the ADM is all about:

The ADM is the largest and oldest cultural free-haven in the Netherlands, known over the whole world due to 20 years of hospitality and social- and cultural renewal. It is an organically grown self-regulating village in the western harbors of Amsterdam, arising from the longing to experiment in all possible area's.
We improvise with time and money, test our place in the ecosystem, tinker with human relationships and build sculptures, compositions, heat sources and means of transport, using and other's waste. In a direct interaction with our environment we thus create alternative ways of living, sharing, learning and growing.

The ADM is a niche in the margin of organized society. A laboratory where the arrangement of our daily lives is practiced as an art form, where the development of simple and sustainable solutions are automatic and innovation is not trendy, but pure necessity.

The ADM is a place where transition is being prepared. Modules for social, cultural and natural renewal are developed from the dynamic workings of the ADM and find via us, the inhabitants and users, a way out to the established structures. Through our work in the arts, health care, education and building, we share our findings and fascinations, our commitment and our questions with the city, with society around us.

Every year we are organizing several cultural events and festivals.
This year we are preparing for the Jetlag experimental circus- and music festival, and the ADM 20 years birthday festival, with "live" music, theater, art installations and performances.

For more information about ADM and our events, check our website: www.adm.amsterdam

ADM, Hornweg 6, 1045 AR, Amsterdam"

On Sunday night we created a wonderful ADM logo out of hundreds of tea cup candles on the floor. Suwanne played dance tunes till 02.30 at night and got a nice crowd dancing around our info-stand


Below is the support message which Ruigoord printed in their official Vurige Tongen festival (news)paper:


(English below)
Ruigoord ♥️ ADM

Onze buren van de ADM hebben een zwaar jaar achter de boeg en wij in Ruigoord weten als geen ander hoe het is om als vrijplaats te moeten vechten tegen de bierkaai. Ondanks dat ADM rechtszaak na rechtszaak wint van de vastgoedspeculanten die hun voortbestaan bedreigen, is het gevaar nog niet geweken. De vrijplaatsen van Amsterdam bedreigd. Alle steun is nodig om deze bijzondere culturele plek voor de wereld te behouden. Wij roepen iedereen op om de petitie op adm.amsterdam/petition te tekenen. Ga naar de infostand van ADM op het Vurige Tiongen festival en hoor wat je nog meer kunt doen voor de ADM

ADM Benefiet feestjes: 24 juni OCCII - 15 juli Noorderlicht

Our neighbors of the ADM have had a rough year and we in Ruigoord especially know how if feels having to fight all the time the powers to be. Despite the fact that the ADM wins court case after court case from the real estate speculators, who threaten their existence, the battle is not over yet. The free spaces of alternative Amsterdam are in danger. All support is needed to preserve this special cultural place for the world. We urge everyone to sign the petition at adm.amsterdam/petition. Go to the ADM info stand at the Vurige Tongen festival and get info on what else you can do to help

ADM benefit parties: June 24th. OCCII - July 15th. Nooorderlicht


Thank you Ruigoord. We  ♥️ you too!