2016-03-09----- PHOTO EXPO: Dominique Panhuysen - "Everything here has been touched" (Tettenrode, Amsterdam)

ADM photo exhibition and projections in the 'Marble Hall' (exhibition room), with also a mobile printing press of Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam, with which public members can print the text "Alles hier aangeraakt" (=> Everything has been touched here) on top of original prints of the exhibition


This exhibition in Tetterode was the finnisage of Stichting Bep's exhibition project, where Dominique Panhuysen's ADM photo's were shown in vacant shop window displays all over the Bellamy neighborhood in the west of Amsterdam, during the winter of 2015/2016.

During 2 Wednesday nights during the exhibition period there were guided walking tours organized, where Dominique was present and also Suwanne (of the ADM)

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