2015-07-29--xx PROMOTION: ADM info stand & more @Landjuweel festival (Ruigoord, near Amsterdam)

The ADM brought the lotus-sculpture, which was originally build by Luca (from Switzerland) to the LandJuweel festival.

(Lotus sculpture with Tailor Birds performing)


This sculpture was earlier this year converted into an info-stand for the Fusion festival and debuted there.

For the LandJuweel festival it was further adapted and a special trailer was build for it.

Several bands and musicians played in or in front of this beautiful stage.

The ADM MediaTeam created several video's with performances of Tailor Birds on this stage:

You can watch them here, here and here


On Wednesday Berk and Bep gave an update about the ADM situation in "De Salon". Dominique Panhuijzen show-cased her ADM photo's.


Bassie did the all-night shuttle service between Ruigoord and Sloterdijk during the whole festival with one of the coaches from TheaterStraat.


ADM did the back-stage catering with the "Chez Bernadette"-coach (Peter, Marijn, Elly, Adam and various other ADM peoples).


Aukje programmed various ADM- and non-ADM bands, including Frans Doedel & De Beatzers, whom played on the stage in front of "De Luchtbus" on Friday.

You can watch a video-clip from this concert here


Reizend Broodje was also baking and selling lots of goodies for the general public.

(Reizend Broodje)


Janneke (of the ADM MediaTeam) told a nice story about the ADM and Suwanne's Clit-Club in the story-telling yurt on Saturday.

You can watch her performance here


All in all we did well ;-)