2015-07-19----- PROMOTION: ADM @Milkshake festival - the secret Klauterwerck area

Cirkus Klauterwerck supports the ADM and invited us to have a corner in their area during the Milkshake festival. The texts in the beginning of this video are taken from this original Cirkus Klauterwerck post on Facebook:

It's time to make a statement: Cirkus Klauterwerck SUPPORTS THE ADM Amsterdam IN THEIR FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL!!
★For those who don't know the ADM, it's about time to open your eyes and take a look beyond the beaten path. Underneath you'll find a link to their website, have a look! There are still places where people can make their own rules and where freedom literally hangs in the air. Where money doesn't overrule everything. And where everybody can be who he/she wants to be
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But at the moment, this freedom is under serious thread! It's time to stand up and support, please take a minute to look into it and help us keeping our local underground alive. There will be a demonstration in the form of a Performance parade on the 25th of July and there is a petition to sign.

★We are also very happy to announce that the ADM will be taking part in our 'Klauter bubble' on Milkshake Festival to present their case in a creative form. And to give it all a bit more colour we thought out the perfect theme/dresscode for the day: Queerpunk. SO I WOULD SAY: GET INVOLVED!!!!

P.S.You remember our funky shuttlebus to Ruigoord or Suwanne's Clit-Club Karaoke during the last Queerklub, all from the ADM.

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