2015-05-29----- PUBLICATION: AmsterdamAlternative #1 (official launch)

The ADM is part of the AmsterdamAlternative Collective, which distributes a bi-monthly newspaper and is also online now. This is their website


On May 29th. the first issue was presented at a launch-party at OT301

Other members of the AmsterdamAlternative collective are: OCCI, Ruigoord, VondelBunker, CineTol, OldSkool, OT301 and PlantageDok


(from the website)

Amsterdam Alternative is a collaboration of venues in the Amsterdam underground. Through a free monthly news paper and website the participating venues will publish their monthly programming and relevant articles. The newspaper will be written in both English and Dutch. Each month, 10.000 copies will be printed and distributed via roughly 50 distribution channels across Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Alternative unites venues that provide a stage for music, film, dance, theater and other forms of art but also have work and/or living spaces.
Amsterdam Alternative is the foundation on which ‘art & culture’ is created, before it is called ‘art & culture’. A place where words like social, tolerance, autonomy, collective and creative are an ideology and not a marketing slogan. 
Amsterdam Alternative is experimental, innovative, adventurous, international and non-profit.
Amsterdam Alternative is for anyone who wants more than commercial mediocrity.
Amsterdam Alternative are ADM, Cinetol, OCCII, OT301, Old School, Plantage Dok, Ruigoord, Vondelbunker and ………………