2015-05-06----- {TV} [Lüske / Chidda] <AT5> "Wij blijven" ||| "We're not leaving"

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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 | 18:23
It was quiet for a while around the ADM terrain in the Western Harbor area, but the residents of Amsterdam's largest cultural free port have received a new summons.
The owners want to reclaim the area in the Western Harbor area. The judge will have to look into the dossier in the coming period, which already contains quite a few pages.

The current residents have been there for eighteen years. Although Bertus Lüske's inherits will probably just call them squatters. The controversial real estate owner bought the area of ​​the Amsterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij in 1997, but the place was quickly squatted.After which  Lüske attempted to evict the area with his own hands.

Lüske was shot in 2003, after which his inheritors took over the battle around the ADM terrain. Throughout the years, there has been many court cases, but so far, without any results. However, last week, the residents suddenly received a new summons. What kind of plans the owners now have with the terrain remains unclear. They do not want to respond until the verdict of the judge and the municipality is still in the dark about the content of these plans.

'We stay'
The residents are not going to leave. "This is a place where you can study so many facets of yourself," says resident Suwanne Jo. "We, with 125' of us, really do something for the city. Yes, we are living inexpensive, but we also make sure everyone can come here. There is interaction with the city, "says Hay Schoolmeesters. "I think we have quite a few arguments with which we can convince the court that it will not just be decided for the benefit of the owners. It's not funny, but we put the sword back in the fat! "