2014-05-06--08 DECOR: DJ-booth for XO festival (Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium)

During the spring of 2014 this amazing DJ stage was build at the ADM and then transported to Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium) for the XO festival (June 6th - 8th)

Here's an article from the Belgium newspaper "De Morgen"

"...quite a spectacular sight...."

Here's an article taken from Belgium newspaper "Het Belang van Limburg"

"....The DJ-stage, that was specially designed and build by Jelle de Graaf for the XO-festival, is very impressive...."

"...Four shipping containers, with on top an enormous, almost scary cannon, is a real eye-catcher..."

"Technology can help us, but can also threaten us" says Jelle, to explain his stage concept.

"...The design and the realisation is in all aspects a great example of architectural engineering..."