2013-10-19----- PROTEST: ADEv #1

The dance-demo was totally awesome. ADM was there with a mobile bar / dance-floor, which was rocking really hard ;-)

Here, here and here are nice video-registrations of the event

(the ADM trailer )

(ADM trailer, view from inside the bar)

(Valreep For Ever!)



Press release;

Dear supporters, neighbors, friends and doubters,

While the Amsterdam municipality and developer OCP didn't do anything with the project "Oostpoort" for many years, the derelict former pet asylum is in the meantime transformed into a vibrant social center for the neighborhood, by volunteers.
This has been made possible with help from the squat movement, neighbors, supporters and other Amsterdam people who have been working together, without any self-interest, to renovate this place.
A place where people can shape their environment, without any municipal planning strategy, subsidies, entrance fees or other restrictions.
A place where people themselves have started  gardens, workshops, film- and music-nights and many political activities.
With your help, which took on many forms, we've come this far.

Since It looks like that the "dream-project" Oostpoort will start soon, we intend to legalize "De Valreep" so that it will be there in the future for the neighborhood and the city.
City development shouldn't be left into the hands of city hall officials and commercial developers, but most of all into the hands of citizens.
De Valreep invites everyone to join her on Saturday, October 19th. at 14.00 in order to emphasize this statement.
Together we want to make a statement against commercialization and the deterioration of social initiatives and to support realistic alternatives.
No city hall officials but citizens!
No commercial developers but local cooperatives!
Create your own alternative Amsterdam, together with us, on October 19th.

Colorful, creative and with many, we will dance through the streets of Amsterdam
For "De Valreep" and for a free and social Amsterdam

See you there!


In the autumn of 2011 the former pet asylum in the east of Amsterdam, which had been left to deteriorate for many years, was squatted, renovated and given to the people of the neighborhood and the city.
In times of social deconstruction and commercializing, a vibrant social center has been realized, by means of self-organizing and being creative.

After many years of neglect, project developer OCP suddenly intends to claim back this building.
So, it's time to take action!
This is the perfect time to raise the stakes for "De Valreep"; the collective "Op de Valreep" wants to buy the building in order to show that without a pub-owner or a landlord a place can grow into something fantastic.

This is not only a chance to preserve an authentic piece of Amsterdam, but even more so a chance to give it a push into the future.
Therefore we seek help from the neighborhood and the city.
Support "De Valreep" with crowd-funding.
Show it, when we are together to present the plan to Amsterdam on October 19th.
"De Valreep" organizes on this day "ADEV" (Amsterdam Dances For A Cause) together with ADM, Nimatek, Damoclash, DAF, Infaders and Bajesdorp

Creative, colorful and with many we will dance through the streets of Amsterdam

Because underground Amsterdam has lost already way too many CulturalFreeSpaces recently (Stubnitz, Korsakoff and Robodock)

Website for ADEv, including video-promo, here