2010-08-06--08 FESTIVAL: FiascoFest (in Doel, near Antwerp in Belgium)

In solidarity with the people who are still living and fighting in order to preserve Doel, we organized the FiascoFest together with peoples from the village of Ruigoord and the Schijnheilig squat.

We went to Doel a couple of weeks before their yearly "Scheldewijding festival", which is held on a certain Sunday in August and suggested to do a 3 day D.I.Y festival during the same weekend in support.

We squatted the derelict community hall, called "Parochiehuis" and make-shift renovated it. We also organized a photo-exhibition with old post-cards of the village. A couple of days before our festival we were evicted by the police and lots of good stuff was taken away by a garbage truck. To our big surprise we got permission from the police to stay on the square in front of the building and to do an open air festival instead.

On Friday night we staged the 'Parade van de Doelende Geesten' (=> Parade of the wandering spirits of Doel) all through the village, which ended with a ritual at the waterfront of the Schelde river:


On Saturday the weather turned on us and so we re-squatted the Parochiehuis ;-) We used the old community hall for concerts and in the bar area we showed movies about Doel

On Sunday tens of thousands of people came to the normally deserted town and we had an open air stage and served vegan food. So many former residents came to see our photo exhibition (inside the Parochiehuis) and thanked us with tears in their eyes.

It was all in all truly awesome!



Press release:

"There's a new underground D.I.Y festival: Fiascofest, 6,7,8 august 2010 !

We are gonna do it in the almost abandoned village of Doel, located in the harbors of Antwerp.

The original inhabitants where bought out by the industry to expand harbour-activities, but now, ten years later, the village is still empty and houses are rotting away. Time for action!

FiascoFest is organizing a 3 day music, poetry, theater and arts festival to wake up this lovely place and give it some good energy.

At the moment we are working on a space in the center of town where the heart of the festival will be. There we provide a program, food, beers and drinking water. We also make a campsite for tents and vans.

Please have a look at our website and come out to Melt down @ the Power Plant!"


more info:
http://fiascofest.org/ (website no longer available?)

poster design" Maaike Haneveld

[photo-collage by RudFoto]

View a slide-show by Frank Vranckx about our eviction from the 'Parochiehuis  here

watch a video-impression here and here


Friday (August 6th)

15.30 Mohs de rapper

17.00: Renee Stevense

18.00-20.00: Opening FiasoFest;"Doelende Geesten"parade (I)

20.00-22.00: Dinner will be served

22.00-01.00: Open-air Cinema, by Suwanna's CCtv (ADM)

19.00-01.00: Bands in the Square

-Mamaku Project (NZ)

-Bomba Roja (NL)

-Inneke 23 & the lipstick painters (ANT)

-Mohs de rapper (AMS)

D.J Retep (ADM)


Saturday (August 7th)

14.00-19.00: Poetry &  live Music

-Joyous Cosmology (ANT)

-Aixia de Villanova (AMS)

-Emile den Tex (AMS)

-Maaike Haaneveld (AMS)

DJ Intenter

19.00-22.00: Diner Dansant (with Martijn & Erik)

20.00: Alios de Beuseleir (ANT)

22.00: Fan-testikels (Ruigoord)

24.00: Shock Royal (NL)

02.00: Zibabu (ADM)

D.J. Pjotr (AMS)


Sunday (August 8th)

13.00: "Doelende Geesten"-parade (II)

14.00: Bucket Boyz (ADM)

15.30: Zigeuners op Klompen (ADM)

16.00-18.00: Poetry Program; hosted by Hans Plomp (Ruigoord)

18.00: Armand (NL)

19.00-22.00: Dinner will be served

20.00: Ken Post & band (ANT)

22.00: Dead Fish Fuck (ADM)

23.00: Open Stage

Performances by Pyromancer (NL) & Electric Circus (ADM)…

VJ: Suwanna's CCtv


To be confirmed / Need to be fitted in the schedule still….



Ulrich van Spitael (Doel)
Sabine Gillis (Doel)

Anti-stresspoweet (ANT)

Didi de Paris (Ant)

Kaatje Wharton (ANT)

Frank de Vos (ANT)

Julius Joker (AMS)

Erwin Mulder

Joep Bremmens.

Inge van Ulden (AMS)


Peter Baum (Ruigoord)

Kristof van Hooymisse (ANT)

Harr Wetterhahn (AMS)

Catelijne Beijst (AMS)