2008-07-xx----- PUBLICATION: "Zelforganisatie", studie over ADM ||| "Self organization", study about ADM


Researchers from the University of Wageningen interviewed ADM residents in 2008, to gain insight in how we "self-govern" our community

Alongside the ADM, a golf-community in Dronten was also analyzed and data from both projects was compared

This particular project was part of the research project "boundaries of space"

The 126 page report (in Dutch) can be read (and downloaded) here

There's now also an English translation available, as part of the book "Transitions towards sustainable agriculture and food chains in peri-urban area's"

The ADM vs. Golfresidence Dronten is chapter 5 (whIch starts on page 71)

This is the link to the (download-able) PDF