2004-03-xx----- EVENT: Tree planting on the (newly created) terrain in front of the ADM gate

Here are some pictures of the planting of trees by residents of the ADM (who are still living here), with scenery in the background that prove it's in front of the ADM gate


Prior to 2004 the terrain in front of the ADM gate looked quite different. To the left and right of the entrance road there were two little 'polders' (=> former ponds below sea level, where the water has been pumped out). In one polder cows were standing, in the other there were horses

In 2003 the Lüske's had those polders filled up with polluted dirt and by doing so earned quite a bit of money

When they were done with this, we decided to plant some trees

)Photo's by Gineke)

Corner of Hornweg / entrance road ADM, with sign "Te Duur & Vies" (=> Too Expensive & Dirty)

This sign can be observed at the beginning of the TV documentary "De Lente is Gratis" (=> The spring is for free), broadcasted in 1999

Right hand side, top corner: trees in front of the house of Mr. Jansen (care-taker of shipyard ADM)

To the right of those trees you can see the outline of the Hitachi excavator assembly hall