2001-09-26----- PROTEST: "De stad is niet te koop" ||| "The city is not for sale"

Already in 2001 artists of several alternative communities felt the mounting pressure of the gentrification of Amsterdam and the relentless eviction of squats
They joined forces and staged a protest against this and brought "the horse of Mokum" (=> 'Mokum' is slang for 'Amsterdam) filled with signed petitions to Amsterdam' town hall. That horse was built at the ADM.
At the time the GroovyMovie PictureHouse and the RinkyDink soundsystem were hanging out at the ADM and they joined in as well.
(Former) squats involved / remembered in this protest were: ADM, Ruigoord, PlantageDok, Silo, Groot U Wetering, Kalenderpanden / Entrepotdok, Wyers, PleinWerker and Ely (among others)
The mobile stage at the stopera (town hall) was provided by TheaterStraat

Video recording & editing by Jerry, of the GroovyMovie Picture house

More info:
GroovyMovie: groovymovie.biz
RinkyDink: baka.co.uk/rinky/