2000-05-27--28 TRY-OUT: SiloTheater - "PLANETarium"

A specially modified 16 meter diameter tent holds a ring of 56 reclining chairs facing up and towards the central mechanism. Here the audience is treated to Silo's special blend of jump-cut sceneography, whilst slowly tilting back (each chair is individually restrained by a slow moving water resistance mechanism).
Planetarium Silo is a map that deconstructs time, a clock that creates new myths, a vehicle that explores dimensions, an installation that provides the stage for the story to be told.

Developed and toured in The Netherlands in 2000, Silo Theater took PLANETarium on an international tour in the summer of 2001.

(setting up the Planetarium theater in the middle of Prague)



More info on SiloTheater's website