1998-08-27--30 FESTIVAL: Droogdok ||| Dry dock (in retrospect: Robodock #1)

Our first self-organized festival was called Drydock (In retrospect it's considered to be the very first Robodock) and was started as 'Cultural Self-defense'. After the gentrification of De Graansilo and the brutal violence of an illegal attempt to evict ADM residents with a 90ton heavy shovel, GodSilo was called in for help to defend the free independent culture of Amsterdam.

Many DIY initiatives came to help with this festival.
A big thank you to artists and freethinkers from Mongolia, Vrieshuis Amerika, Swomp, OCCII, De Peper, De Molli, Ruigoord, OLVG, OT-301, Vrankrijk, Slangenpand Spuistraat, Douaneloods Westerdoksdijk, Villa Zeezicht, Lloyd-hotel, Plantagedoklaan, Krakestijn, De Kalenderpanden, Nieuwedijk, Blauwe Aanslag, Mutoid Waste Company and many others..

drydock poster

(official poster)


Watch video-impressions by AT5:

- Broadcasted the day before the festival, with mention of court-case about eviction (August 27th)

- Broadcast on Friday August 28th about the truck, operated by a visitor, that drove into the main hall and killed DJ Antonio 

- Broadcast on Monday, August 31st: "The Summer of 98" (Subtitled version here)


Watch a video-impression by VPRO's DNW here


Watch video-impressions by Vrije Keyser Televisie:

- Video promo and festival impression (broadcasted on August 31st)

- VKT reporter Lizet investigates (broadcasted on September 8th)

- Video impression of the show by Mr. Red and Mr. Green (broadcasted on September 31st)


(festival announcement on cover of 'Gilde Gazet)


This Drydock festival will always be remembered for the fact that a visitor drove with his truck into the main hall and killed DJ Antonio. More background info here

(shrine for Antonio, the Italian DJ)


Footage of the Mongol memorial concert for Antonio, uploaded by the DryDock / Robodock organization here