We won the court-case "Luske vs. ADM - urgent eviction" (Monday July 13th, 2015)

The judge stated, that:

  • the ADM community validly brought to the table that questions can be asked about the rental contracts provided (one for the ADM water and one for a small part of the ADM land).

  • the ADM community validly made clear that actual use of the ADM terrain in the short term is not possible. This is because:

    • due to the lack of maintenance of the ADM terrein and 'loods' a lot of work will be needed that requires various types of (building) permits, not yet requested.

    • before Chidda can start any work on the ADM they need to conduct a detailed investigation of the wild-life and probably need a special permit relating to the law of protected plants and animals.

    • it is unknown what the position of the City Council is, considering the content and scale of the plans and the delay that can occur if the City of Amsterdam do not approve.


We're happy, but there's still the in-depth court-case pending and also the official request (of the owners to the municipality) to enforce the no-squatting law...

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