Thanx Paradiso & thank you all for coming out! Our benefit was awesome!!!

ADM would like to thank Paradiso,

for providing us with their temple on February 28th. 2018


Frans Doedel & The Beatzers (photo by Stijn Ooms)

Giving us the chance to show Amsterdam again

what we are

and what we can do.

  Zibabu (photo by Stijn Ooms)

ADM also wants to thank

all artists for performing!

 Blender & Def P (photo by Stijn Ooms)

And all those friends and family members

who helped making yet another ADM Chaos production happen!


ADM auction in the basement (photo by Hans Foto)

Special thanks to:

Artist on the Road, Flashlight, Drukkerij Repro (Regenboog-groep), and Friekensbrouwerij.

Deadwood (photo by Stijn Ooms) 

ADM stays!!!

(photo by Hans Foto)




Recently the judge rejected the municipality’s short term plans to evict Amsterdam’s last cultural free-space ADM. On Wednesday 28 February Paradiso opens its doors to ADM to celebrate this victory.

ADM has been under pressure for some time. The residents as well as sympathizers from all over the world are working together to preserve Amsterdam's last sanctuary of free creative expression. ADM will celebrate its right to exist visibly and audibly, in colourful manifestations, all throughout the city, starting in the Paradiso.

Paradiso itsself was rescued from demolition by the squatting-movement 50 years ago. In support, the music-temple Paradiso that it is today, will open its doors to the ADM!
During the evening of Wednesday 28 February, Paradiso will be filled with creativity, art and other forms of cultural expression that ADM has to offer.

The theme of this night is: 'Space Invaded'
Some highlight of the line-up are: Bettie Serveert, Bl3nder & DefP, Dj Isis, Dj Bone, Convoi Exceptional, Deadwood, Dj Gibbo b2b, Dj Adi J, NunsWithGunsVJ, Le Fer à Coudre and Suwanne's Clit-Club

ADM invites everyone at this time of threat and social repression to stand up for a just Amsterdam, in which everyone is equal.
Support ADM and come on Wednesday February 28 to Paradiso to enjoy lots of beautiful creations and creatures!


Listen to the first song (Hoist the Sails) of the set played by The Beatzers here, with a great speech by Frans Doedel at the start!




During the night, several peoples spoke out on behalf of the ADM. Listen to the speech (in Dutch) of writer Hans Plomp, one of the original squatters of Ruigoord and Paradiso, here

The translation of his speech is PDF icon here

PDF icon ADMbenefit @PAradiso - speech by Hans Plomp (translated).pdf


Diana Ozon (photo by Bianca Runge)


Aja Waalwijk (photo by Bianca Runge)


Convoi Exceptoinal created a great video about their gig:



On Friday, February 23rd, The BucketBoyz and the ADM promo-team for Paradiso were guests in the local radio-show JarmoFM on Salto

The studio's of Salto are in Pakhuis Wilhelmina, which was once squatted by (among others) 2 Bucket Boyz...

You can listen to that show, which was broadcasted between 18.00 and 19.00 here

      ADM decoration, sculptures and paintings, in- and outside Paradiso (photo's by Stijn Ooms) ================This is how are benefit was announced on the Paradiso website