Secret deal about possibly temporary relocation ADM for 2 years only (WTF?!)

This is how the story has been unfolding:


February 8th 2018:

Right-winged newspaper De Telegraaf published an article with the title "370,000 euros for squatters"

In this article journalist Mike Muller claimed that 'sources' had revealed that a secret deal had been struck by the municipality to allocate €370,000 for the possibly temporary relocating of the ADM squatters to a terrain in the north of Amsterdam, for a period of two years.

This article in Dutch can be read here. The English translation of this article isPDF icon here

"The entrance gate to the ADM terrain", photo by Amaury Miller (De Telegraaf)


February 14th 2018:

Newspaper Het Parool reported also that the residents of the ADM terrain are going possibly temporary to the north Amsterdam. Het Parool is more exact: about that location: the 'sludge fields' of the former water treatment plant.

All information in this Parool article is based on a letter that had been send by the municipality to residents living near that former water treatment plant on February 6th. 2018, "to inform them already, just in case, on beforehand."

The Parool article (in Dutch) can be read here. The translated into English version is here

"ADM-terrain in the Western Port-area will not be evicted for the time being" (ANP / Parool)


February 15th 2018:

One day after Het Parool published the above article and 9 days after the municipality has informed the residents that are living near the former water treatment plant in the North of Amsterdam, they send us that same letter through email. It just stated: "For your information", in the introduction part (WTF?!)

That particular information letter to the residents living near the former water treatment plant can be read (in Dutch) here. The translated into English version is here

New possibly temporary location of ADM (Click here to view in GoogleMaps)


UPDATE: ADM peoples have checked this location out of course. It's at this moment in time just one big swamp. Furthermore it's only 2 hectares in size (We now have 23 hectares of land and 20 hectares of water). There are no roads, no utilities like electricity, water, internet etc. It's very close (50 meters, or less) to the main highway around Amsterdam ('The Ring'). We can't organize festivals ('no nuisance to the neighbors'). And most importantly: this terrain is absolutely not suitable for ADM-rs living on a boat!

Just perfect (NOT!!!)


February 18th 2018:

Member of the 'Tweede Kamer' (lower house of parliament) Daniel Koerhuis of the right-winged VVD party, stated on his Twitter account that he asked questions to the Internal Affairs' cabinet minister Kasja Ollongren about the secret plan to give €370,000 to illegal squatters to 'move' to another, temporary location. And he also asks himself on Twitter: "Will Amsterdam spend that much money again in two years time?"

Below are the questions he officially asked (in writing) to Kasja Ollongren (D66). If you prefer to read them in Dutch, click here

  1. Do you know the article «370,000 euros for squatters»?
  2. Do you share the view that squatting is illegal and a violation of property rights?
  3. How is it possible that the ADM terrain has been illegally inhabited by squatters for over 20 years and that no enforcement has taken place before?
  4. How is it possible that almost half a million euros is spent to remove the squatters from the terrain?
  5. What happens after the two years of temporary alternative housing at the location in Amsterdam-North? Will such a large amount of money be allocated again to move the squatters off that terrain?
  6. Are there more cases where such large amounts are spent to remove squatters? Is this a case of structural policy? Are there more municipalities known where this happens?
  7. How does the ruling of the Council of State relate to the prohibition of squatting?
  8. Why has this decision been taken in secret and then kept secret as well?

ADM sound-system during ADEv 2017, photo attached to Tweet of Daniel Koerhuis


FYI: Kasja Ollogren (D66) was the Amsterdam' alderwoman in charge of sea- and airports (which thus included 'the ADM dossier'), before she was promoted to cabinet minister of Internal Affairs in The Hague...

UPDATE: Kasja Ollongren answered the questions of Daniel Koerhuis in a letter that was send on March 22nd 2018. You can read them (in Dutch) PDF icon here


February 18th / 21th 2018:

City council member Marianne Poot (VVD) retweeted Daniel Koerhuis' Tweet on the same day and said: "Very good that questions are asked in the lower house of parliament as well. This Wednesday (February 21st 2018) a debate will be held in the city council of Amsterdam, instigated by me and Diederik Boomsma (CDA). Squatting is and will remain thieving. According to VVDamsterdam not one single cent and for sure not allocate €370,000 for squatters."


February 21st 2018:

The ADM was agenda point 30 in the evening session of the city council committee meeting Work & Economy and this commenced from around 21.45 onward.

For starters three ADM'rs addressed the committee, each of them with a speech which could last maximum three minutes.

Speeches were given by PDF icon Hay, PDF icon Durk and PDF icon Yke (Click on the individual names to read their speeches, as they had prepared them on beforehand)

After this we were discussed for an hour or so and alderman Kock (D66) answered questions of city council members towards the end.

City council meetings are public and are broadcasted 'live'. I captured this broadcast and uploaded it to our own Vimeo-account. You can watch the ADM-part here:


Facts about the 'secret deal', which were revealed during this meeting:

  • The €370,000 budget for possibly temporary relocation is still only a proposal by the mayor and his aldermen and needs to be approved by the city council in a budget meeting towards the end of April / beginning of May 2018, according to alderman Kock.
  • Chidda (The heirs of Bertus Lüske) has been asked for a contribution to this budget (money and/or materials), but is not willing to make any. We will be asked the same question now as well. This budget is needed for putting stelcon plates on the ground, to put a fence around the terrain and to put in a sewage system.
  • Individual ADM-rs have to sign a contract if they want to be part of this deal.
  • It's indeed a temporary solution for 2 years maximum, only for peoples living inside the ADM fence, and organizing festivals is not allowed.



We'll keep you updated, as the story unfolds further...