[PHOTO / VIDEO] the story of the Papillon (Butterfly -> Boat-to-Fly)

The Papillon was originally build in Germany in 1935 as a fishing trawler with a hull from oak-wood and a steering hut from steel. She sailed for many years between Germany and Iceland.

She was bought by Rob & Arjenne in 1991 and then moored at the ADM till 1992. This was during the (part of the) 1st. period that the ADM was squatted.

In 1992 she was moved to the new Silo-squat and stayed there till 1997.

On Sunday, October 12th 1997 we loaded the Papillon in the morning with all kinds of building materials and then she took us to the ADM, which we thus squatted for the 2nd. time

During the first few years of her stay at the ADM the Papillon was converted into a sailing ship, with accommodation for 12 persons, by her owners Rob & Arjenne, with the help of many volunteers.

Over the years she did various cultural and / or educational sailing-trips to destinations like Denmark, Poland, Estland, Letland, Finland, Norway, England and the south of France

Anne Harrison bought the Papillon in 2009 dreaming of making a home for her family that sailed the world. Rob & Arjenne bought a piece of land in France and started an eco-camping called "Papillon Lafaye"

During the extensive restoration process it was revealed that its timbers were hollowed out by woodworm so it would only be able to do small sailing trips, close the coast.

On July 13th. 2014 the Papillon did sink, due to the malfunctioning of the pump.

The salvage contractors, hired by the insurance company were so rough lifting the Papillon that they broke the main mast setting, and hull planks- wrecking her.

We proposed to take care of the "removal" ourselves and were granted the job, funded by Anne.

In the next month or so we stripped her of her masts, engine and other (heavy) stuff. The steering hut / engine room was separated from the hull and she was then lifted out of the water in two parts and put in front of the former shipbuilding hall

After that her hull was turned upside down and we invited the Paris-based artists group Le Fer à Coudre, to transform her for our 17th. birthday, which was magically also on a Sunday that year

The crew of Le Fer à Coudre worked very hard for 2 weeks to turn the Papillon into an awesome steam-punk style Boat-to-Fly, which was officially inaugurated on Friday night of our festival, when a giant bottle of champagne was launched from the top of the big warehouse , gliding over a zipline and shattered against her hull

During the festival free champagne was offered and it was a really nice and intimate hang-out space

VJ Pepe made a really nice animation of the Boat-to-Fly, which can be watched inside the Papillon whilst seated on a steampunk-stye chair and looking into a similar styled monitor. You can watch just the animation by clicking here

After our Birthday festival the Papillon was in use as a coffee & cake-bar during Bassie & Yke's Birthday / Halloween party. Photo's can be viewed here

During X-mas of this same year we had 2 nights of getting together with nice food, (live) music and drinks on the 24st. and 25th., which was once again totally awesome1

To be continued....



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Photo's by Papillon crew, Alan and TheHosPages

Cover photo by Vladimir Miloradovic

Cover design by Suwanne

(Papillon in 1991)

(Papillon at Silo squat)

(Papillon at ADM, in the early days)

(Papillon and Silo theater go to Oerol festival)

(Papillon sailing)



(Inside Papillon)

============================================ SINKING ===========================================


======================================== LIFTING =======================================


=================================== DISMANTELING =====================================

====================== 17th. Birthday Festival ==========





Video of turning the Papillon upside down: