The mayor and his aldermen decided NOT to suppport the ADM (in letter to city council committees on October 11th. 2016)

The future of the ADM is looking rather bleak, thanx to the mayor and his aldermen.

They did send a letter to the city council committees of Employment & Economics and General Affair. In this letter (which was sent on October 11th. 2016) they agree to:
1) - issue a permit to clear-cut all the trees INSIDE the fence
2) - issue a permit for the shipyard by Koole Maritime BV (if they provide some additional information in time)
Furthermore they say:
3) - we're not allowed to live on the ADM, now or in the future
4) - there's no other place within Amsterdam for the ADM now, or in the future

Especially point 2); the willingness to provide an (environmental) permit is disconcerning, since Koole is basically a demolishing company of ships (and other things, like oil-drilling-platforms) and those activities are NOT allowed according to the perpetual clause (*). Furthermore we strongly believe that Koole doesn't want to start anything on the ADM-terrain and that it is all just a scheme to get us evicted!

The letter (in Dutch) from the mayor and his aldermen to the committees Employment & Economics and General Affairs can be read on the official website of the Municipality of Amsterdam:

A translated version can be viewed here:

PDF icon Letter from Mayor and Aldermen to city council committees Employment & Economics and General Affairs about ADM-terrain (October 11th. 2016).pdf

(*) The perpetual clause, which was part of the buying contract in 1997, was put into place to prevent speculation with the ADM terrain. The perpetual clause states that one may only operate a shipyard (and do related activities) on the ADM.


Tiers Bakker, city council member for the SP (and ADM-supporter) has put the issuing of the tree-felling permit (inside the fence) on the agenda of the meeting of the city council committee Employment & Economics (in the Roos-zaal of town-hall) on Wednesday, October 26th. 2016
This meeting is public and starts at 13.30 and lasts till 17.00, if necessary, also from 19.30 till 22.30. The ADM-terrain is agenda point #26
More info about this meeting (including the complete agenda), can be found here, on the official website of the Municipality of Amsterdam

That city council committee meeting is being held and was very disappointing. You can watch the ADM-part only here


UPDATE: On November 9th. 2016 alserwoman Kasja Ollongren suddenly broke the news that the tree felling permit was not going to be issued.

More info here