Chidda's appeal about Municipality NOT issuing tree-felling permit rejected (April 6th. 2017)

The Chidda's (heirs of Bertus Lüske) appealed the decision of The Municipality of Amsterdam NOT to issue a permit for the felling of the trees inside the ADM fence (November 10th. 2016)
The Municipal Appeal Committee ruled on April 6th. 2017, that Chidda's appeal has no merit

in response to the appeal, which was brought forward by you on behalf of Amstelimmo B.V. on December 19th. 2016, which was challenging our ruling of November 10th. 2016, we inform you that we, in line with the advice of the Appeal Committee, have decided:

- to declare that this appeal has no merit

- to leave the appealed ruling intact

- to deny the request for compensation of the costs of the procedure



The Chidda's operate under various names, in this case they were using Amstelimmo B.V.

Amstelimmo B.V. and Chidda Vastgoed B.V. are both part of H&R Holding

H&R Holding (and thus all the other forementioned companies) are owned by the heirs of Bertus Lüske


More info on the decision of The Municipality NOT to issue the tree-felling permit (for the trees inside the fence) here