Chidda vastgoed BV (heirs of Bertus Lüske) organized a tour of the ADM for (right wing) politicians and journalists (November 22nd. 2016)

[All photo's by A la Patricia]

Just 24 hours on beforehand we got an email of Chidda's spin-doctor Niels J. Kooijman, announcing that Ferry Sint (CEO of Chidda vastgoed BV and H&R holding), Niels himself, Michiel Schimmel (Koole Maritime BV), mr. Braspenning jr. (Braspenning ship coating), Diederik Boomsma (City Council member for CDA), Ruben Koops (newspaper De Telegraaf), journalist(s?) of Elsevier Magazine, and one or more representatives of the VVD (political party in City Council) wanted to visit the ADM on Tuesday, November 22nd. 2016 at 10 AM.. Eleven men and one woman in total, plus a pre-emptive security guard (?!)

SInce we couldn't refuse them, we instead put up a very friendly show, cleaned up the terrain and served them coffee, hot chocolate and cakes. We also gave them leaflet which explained the perpetual clause and that they were guests on OUR terrain. We gave them our new ADM book too.

Here's the text of the leaflet that was handed out (=> statement for press representatives and politicians):

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We also made a little documentary about this, which can be watched here