ADM came out to town, with music, banners and flyers to give the crowds a taste of current counterculture. FreeSpace Ruigoord did a insect show inside, calling out to save free spaces in Amsterdam.This is our flyer text:


The Stedelijk Museum is showing us a glimpse of Amsterdam of the sixties, a city of experiment and freedom, the city of Provo, occupations, art protests, free word and the 'Insekten-sekte' in the exhibition Amsterdam Magisch Centrum - Art and Counterculture 1967-1970

In 2018 there is hardly any free space in this town, and what is left faces an uncertain future.

The ADM is one of these free spaces for people and insects, fish, birds and ten thousand trees. In the past twenty one years the abandoned ADM shipwharf changed into an international cultural free haven. A sustainable community came to be, independent of market forces or subsidies, choosing for humanity, art, culture and nature. These green lungs of the industrial port are also the home of a festival subculture that kicks ass, that itches and scratches.

Meanwhile Amsterdam is slowly choking, the arteries of a once freedom loving city getting blocked as the place is turned into a lifeless money making machine.

Officially the ADM community would have to move in case a major ship wharf would need the space. The court decided that locating some asbestos removal company on part of the terrain justifies eviction - a lousy trick to make way for megaspeculation. The planned exile of the ADM community to sewage sludge fields by the motorway is symbolic for the way the city council treats its people that live in mobile homes, reminding us of vanishing insect populations.


But the ADM lives: the dead and polluted soil has revived and in stead of CO2 we produce oxygen, wind- and solar energy. We are the future no matter how hard you try to stop it! To all the Green and Left voters: Tell your council to shut down the old coal power plant and save the ADM, so this city can continue to breathe.

Get infected with the ADM bug and save the ADM!