Who we are

ADM logo on the gate

The ADM is now for over 19 years a community of people who are closely linked to each other by the space, visions and creations they share.

Marry-go-round in ADM loods

The cultural free-haven ADM is one of the last large live/work communities of Amsterdam.
On the terrain reside now some 130 people from all ages, nationalities and walks of life.
Among them are; children and pensioners, theater-makers and stage-builders, inventors and technicians, dancers and musicians, actors and directors, crafts-men and women, sailors and buccaneers, life-lovers and ‘different-thinkers’...

"Charon" by Peter Hudson at ADM

Experiment, exchange and spontaneity have ensured that the ADM has acquired a place in Amsterdam’s cultural climate.

Cloudy above ADM
The ADM is, as many other (historic squat) communities, a fertile germination place for the local and (inter)national cultural climate. Communities as ours (at the fringes of the city) play a leading role for what is now called the Creative Industry.

The gate

What we're building together, but especially, what we ARE together, is a source of inspiration for others.

Winter games
Created from pretty much nothing, by our own means and with no single cent of subsidy, a blooming, creative and sustainable community that contributes culturally to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and far beyond!

We produce our own festivals (Robodock is most famous), concerts, workshops and more. We also (co-)organize festivals and benefits with / for organizations linked at the ADM.

Our productions and produce (from big theater productions and likewise decor constructions, to environmentally friendly caught fish or lovely fresh bio bread,  to intimate concerts, dance performance or robotic puppet shows) went from all over Europe up to China, Brazil and the USA. And closer to home: there is no 'Parade', no 'Rolling Kitchens', no 'Oerol', without ADM-ers contributing.

Aerial picture