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Hi allemaal, vanaf heden hebben wij de Dam Amsterdam bezet om ons statement duidelijk te maken over de ontruiming van de vrijplaatsen en de overmacht van het neo-liberale systeem.
We gaan overnachten en iedereen is welkom om ons te steunen. Kom je ook?!
Neem dan je slaapzak, eigen kopje, tenten mee.

am samstag, 12.01. gab es in hannover eine kleine soli-aktion für das am montag geräumte ADM in amsterdam

Wieder ein Freiraum geräumt!

ADM war der größte kulturelle freihafen in den Niederlande. In deiser Gemeinschaft lebten ungefähr 125 Menschen allen Alters, aus aller Welt. ADM  transformierte die ungenutzte, verlassene Werft von der Amsterdamse Droggdok Maatschappij zu einem blühenden, lebenden Experiment, in dem sie Raum, Visionen und Kreationen teilten.  Sie produzierten eigene Projekte wie Green ADM, Festivals, Konzerte und Kunst.


Your help is crucial! Donate and we can sustain the fight – read more here.

The ADM is the largest cultural free-haven in the Netherlands. With a community of around 125 people, this shared land ​of​ ​arts,​ ​nature ​ ​and experimental​ ​living is​ one of ​Amsterdam's​ ​biggest​ ​cultural assets.

Since 2015, ADM is once again under serious threat of eviction. Your support can help save this unique living experiment!

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Since 2008 we organize in February or March the infamous ADM WinterGames.

Vuur, passie en staal (Fire, Passion and Steel) by Burn't

Enjoy the famous Dutch scenery sailing on the IJsselmeer, Hollands biggest lake, on board of the Arno F, a sturdy two-master, 70 feet long and carrying over 200 square meters of sail

Daan 't Sas creates big and small machines. From new and re-used materials he develops installations which turn around our view of machines for a little while.

Knee slappin', crazy anarcho blue-trash from the Amsterdam bayou!

a mobile, wood-fired bakery, at markets and festivals near you

Bernadette is an old DAF bus from 1972 and has been lovingly converted, using only recycled materials. A cozy living room with large kitchen, for catering on location

In 2010 we started a communal garden. Occasionally, on certain Sundays, we organize garden help/info events

If you want to help out: Every Thursday there are people doing things!

electric circus

Electric Circus is a collaboration between inventor Fred Abels & puppeteer Mirjam Langemeijer.

Handmade crafts made of recycled
and wood

bookbinder & bookartist

check out also her THEO-project here


The Redeemade Laboratory originated in an idea to combine design and recycling. The Redeemade Laboratory manufactures many products, from small objects to architectural structures.

Firecats Glassart is an online artwork showcase of the glassartist Tamara Sorenson

Wij maken zelf Yurts

U kunt bij ons Yurts kopen en / of  Yurts huren

In this modern day society, devoid of style, we bring you more style than you can comprehend


Arts- and Technology festival, which originated at the ADM in 1998

[translation needed] De TS 31 vist met staand want op harder en zeebaars in de Waddenzee en op de Noordzeestranden van de eilanden.

Zibabu is a three piece band consisting of 3 alien cleaning ladies from the planet c3 that want to clean the grey area between your ears...

Deco, wood, theater, film, constructions, acts, etc....

Occasional non-profit late night cocktail-bar in the ADM forest and on location

(please don't use the Clit-Club logo without permission!)

Mirjam creates images and characters, who carry a story


.. "Artist, designer, window dresser, decorator and skipper. "

A small yet full blown studio in the Volkskrant building in Amsterdam, run by ADM peoples

Fabels creates kinetic sculptures with movement as the main "material"


Sailing-Holland.Compagnie exploiteert het traditioneel zeilend passagiersschip: "SilhoueT" en organiseert boot reizen toegespitst op uw specifieke wensen.


audio-visual project of DeadFishFuck and Vilbjørg Broch.

Colette the Fierce, also known as Colette de Woeste, street theater performer and variety entertainer.

Artimobiel is a small scale, non-profit, bus-company


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